Pro-farmer. Pro-family. Anti-GMO.


“Buck Conner” - a small town, Texas corn farmer is forced to battle a powerful multi-national GMO seed corporation in order to save his family farm. This true-to-life, character-driven story offers a touching portrayal of a traditional, American corn-belt family and their values put to the test in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.


Like a modern telling of David vs. Goliath, this independent, issue-driven movie is our pro-farmer answer to the ever-steady encroachment of genetically modified seeds and the devious lengths to which a massive GMO corporation will go to in order to punish anyone who stands in their way. The only thing Buck Conner did wrong was say, “No” to their system. This decision plunges Buck, his family and an entire town into a battle over the rights of the individual farmer vs. the imposed rights and claims of the corporation over what God created - the seed.


The Issue

Ever since the commercial introduction of Genetically Modified Seeds in 1996, hundreds of farmers and seed dealers in the US and Canada alone have been accused and harassed over alleged patent infringement of GMO seeds in what seems to be a corporate drive for complete control of our food supply. To this day, farmers, organizations, activists and citizens around the world are fighting these policies.

Many people have heard of GMOs but don’t really know much about them. “The Seed” does a truly amazing job of presenting this complicated issue from the POV of the American farmer. Our goal is to produce an entertaining and inspirational motion picture with mainstream market appeal.


Building an Audience


Before production begins, we’re building our potential audience by reaching out to organizations with an established base of support. When the time comes to release this film, we’ll call upon our coalition of partners to mobilize their base and support our film. By cross-promoting with these brands online and every aspect of social media, we have the ability to access what amounts to a targeted, built-in audience.


Our coalition today shows a huge number of committed people that have not only offered verbal support but have taken the time to write letters saying they will help promote the film. We have a built in audience that now reaches into the millions who will actively help promote the film to their communities around the world.


Current Endorsements & Supporters

•    Farm Aid

•    The Organic Consumers Association

•    The Organic and non-GMO report

•    IFOAM

•    Millions Against Monsanto Toronto

•    The Weston A. Price Foundation

•    Moms Across America

•    Kids Right to Know

•    GMO Free Los Angeles

•    Moms For Safe Food

•    Shiv Chopra - 

      The Canadian Council 

      on Food Sovereignty and Health.

•    Toronto NON-GMO

•    Dr. Stephanie Seneff,

      Senior Research Scientist, MIT

•    GMO Free NJ

•    GMO Free New York

•    Citizens for GMO Labeling

•    GMO Free Vegas

•    GMO Free Georgia

•    No GMO Manitoba

•    End All Disease

•    Homeopathy Heals Me

•    GMO Free Massachusetts

•    Label GMOs

•    GMO Free Southern California

•    Collective Evolution

•    GMO Free Alaska

•     GMO-Free New Mexico

•    GMO Free Pennsylvania

•    Moms Advocating Sustainability

•    Need To Know GMO – Pennsylvania

•    GMO-Free Santa Cruz

•    Eat Local Grown

•    Sustainable Pulse

•    The City of Hutto, TX

•    The Liberty Beacon



David Christopher - Producer
(512) 560-9923